(TT-0088) Introduction to Declared Training Organisation (DTO)


Part-DTO (Declared Training Organisations) is a new and, compared to the so far existing requirements for training organisations (Part-ORA), simplified regulatory framework for training organisations providing training for general aviation pilots.


The new Part-DTO training course aims at providing implementation support for:


  • competent authorities who need to apply the new provisions related to DTOs when discharging their responsibilities as national aviation authorities;
  • individuals and organisations who run or wish to establish a DTO and need to increase their knowledge on Part-DTO; and
  • EASA standardisation team leaders and members who will be involved in assessing a Member State’s competent authority’s oversight performance with regard to DTOs.


Registration external participants:  
Please fill out the application form (encl.under Reference Resources below) and send the signed form to TT@easa.europa.eu.  Your application will be processed in due course and you will receive an automated course confirmation upon registration.


The invoice will be issued to you by email after your course attendance. NB: The payment can only be made via bank transfer!

Learning Type:
Available Languages:
  • English
half day
Who Should Take This:
  • Standardisation Team Leaders and Members
  • Understand the historical background and development as well as the advantages of Part-DTO for general aviation training providers (Why Part-DTO?);
  • Receive basic knowledge needed for starting and running a training organisation;
  • Develop awareness for obligations when running a DTO;
  • Understand the oversight process related to DTOs.
Support Contact:
(TT-0088) Introduction to Declared Training Organisation (DTO) - TT-0088.03
Seats: 16

At (1-S-MR-01) Room 1-S-MR-01, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Instructor: KUCHER Christian

21-Apr-2020 09:00 - 21-Apr-2020 13:00 CEST

Payment Method: Currency
List Price:€440.00
Price Info:Commission Reg. (EU) No 2019/2153